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Solar PV installations are extremely flexible, and can be scaled up or down to fit a wide range of circumstances, such as limited roof space, aspect in relation to the sun and financial constraints.

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Solar PV installations offer householders the ideal way to generate their own electricity and save money on their energy bills.

We take a personal approach to all our projects, assigning a dedicated project manager to help you to understand the benefits, the installation process and the technology. We are on hand every step of the way.

We also understand that each project is unique, so we take time to understand your specific requirements and develop a solution that is perfectly suited to you.

Take charge of your electricity bills by installing solar panels, Navitas can guide you to making the right choice for your needs. Solar panels can reduce your energy costs by as much as 60% and by adding batteries to your solar system can reduce your electricity costs by as much as 85%.

7 Tips To Making Sense Of Solar Guide

Our free (no email signup) no obligation tips guide will help demystify the magic of solar energy.


Be it technical jargon or how the panels themselves work, this guide provides you with an introductory guide to Navitas solar energy.



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