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We only install solar panels supplied by leading Tier 1 manufacturers, along with top brands of batteries and solar inverters to ensure your home [business] gets the best quality and longest lasting source of renewable energy around.

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Panel Technology

Solar panels are supplied in either amorphous silicon (mostly used in calculators, toys and consumer electronics), polycrystalline (a molten moulded silicon cut into cells) or monocrystalline (slices of pure crystalline silicon ingot).

Monocrystalline meaning a “single crystal” and polycrystalline meaning "many crystal" solar panels.

Mono or Poly? there are many debates as to which one is best but here are the facts

Monocrystalline are temperature coefficient, which means that as the panels get hotter they will typically outperform polycrystalline, the monocrystalline process produces higher efficiency cells so you get more power onto the same surface area, however due to developments in solar cell technology monocrystalline and polycrystalline are becoming more and more alike, performance levels are now so similar that the answer to the question Mono or Poly could be more to do with aesthetic personal preference and solar panel size rather than performance.

Our Panels offer a high energy yield, meaning they have outstanding low irradiance performance, low power-temperature coefficient and low operating temperature. All of these technologies lead to a high energy yield.

Panel Aesthetics

Every home is different and we will provide the best products based on our years of expertise to give you the best performance whilst taking into consideration the layout and installation methods to ensure we remain sympathetic to the overall look of the property.


There are many different types of Solar Panels available, and these are often only noted by subtle differences, such as the layout and appearance of the cells, or the colour of the frame which is usually silver aluminium. For those wanting a black frame solution there are products such as the TrinaSolar Vertex S which offers a dedicated cell blackening treatment with virtually invisible busbars to underline the full black appearance.

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Panel Installation

Panels are usually fitted on aluminium rails which are mounted above the roof tiles and fixed to the roof truss using special brackets designed to maintain the integrity of the existing roof beneath. In-roof solutions are often chosen for new build developments whereby the panels are fitted flush into the roof instead of fitting the roof tiles.

Navitas have a great deal of experience; we’ve fitted Solar to all types of roofs from houses to churches and barns to garages.We can also install Solar on flat roofs by using special tubs to sit the panels into.

You don't always need roof space to benefit from Solar, we can help you make good use of any spare land that you may have by installing a ground mount Solar system.

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