Solar Inverters

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Solar Inverters

Solar panels may be on top, but it’s the inverter that does all the real work. Choosing the right inverter technology to pair with your panels is a critical decision we will make when designing your solar installation. We only use the most advanced inverter technology on the market, which means higher production, greater reliability, and unmatched warranty and safety.

Inverter Properties

The solar panels on your roof absorb daylight in the form of DC power (direct current). A microinverter (tucked beneath each panel) or main inverter then converts the DC power to AC (alternating current). This is the form of electricity that can be used in your home.


We have an array of inverters from mini single-phase (700W to 2.5kW) to a mid range single-phase with Dual MPPT (2.5kW to 8kW) and three-phase (5kW to 20kW) up to commercial units ranging from 25kW and 30kW Triple MPPT, through 36kW to 60kW Quad MPPT and all the way up to 80kW and 100kW with 9 or 10 MPPTs.

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