100% Renewable Dream

100% Renewable Dream

100% Renewable Dream

Spain Made the 100% Renewable Dream a Reality for 9 Hours

On Tuesday, May 17, 2023, Spain generated enough electricity from renewable sources to meet its entire demand for nine hours. This was a historic moment for the country, and it shows the potential of renewable energy to power our future.

The nine hours of 100% renewable energy were made possible by a combination of factors, including a sunny day and strong winds. However, the real story is the country’s investment in renewable energy over the past few years. Spain has installed a massive amount of solar and wind power, and it is now one of the leading producers of renewable energy in Europe.

The success of Spain’s renewable energy program is a sign of things to come. As the world transitions to a clean energy future, renewable energy will become increasingly important. Spain has shown that it is possible to power a modern economy with renewable energy, and other countries are following suit.

The nine hours of 100% renewable energy in Spain is a milestone on the road to a clean energy future. It is a reminder that renewable energy is not just a dream, but a reality that is within our reach.

By 2030, Spain will have three fewer nuclear reactors and it turns out that renewables are solving the problem on their own,” says Pedro Fresco, former director of Energy Transition in the Valencia region. Not only is nuclear power contributing less but Spain’s waterfalls, another of the country’s biggest sources of electricity, are being severely hit by the drought, which is reducing productive capacity in many areas. “It is true that it is a one-off, and at a time of very good solar and wind production, but with very little water and with hydroelectric power at a technical minimum… even so, we are covering 100%. Where will we be in three years, when we will have between 10 and 15 gigawatts more of photovoltaic and another five of wind? There is a huge window of opportunity for hydrogen and electric cars, especially in the central hours of the day,” adds Fresco. “But we need strategies to take advantage of it.

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