Fossil Fuels Fall as Renewables Rise

Fossil Fuels Fall as Renewables Rise

Fossil Fuels Fall as Renewables Rise

There’s been a significant decline in fossil fuel use across the UK and EU in 2023, marking a new era in energy transition. This decline is attributed to two main factors: a rise in renewable energy sources and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The report (European Electricity Review published by thinktank Ember.) highlights that renewable energy sources are playing an increasingly important role in energy production, with wind power surpassing gas for the first time in the EU. The UK also saw record clean power generation in 2023.

These developments are positive steps towards a more sustainable future, but there are still challenges to overcome. For instance, the UK faces challenges in meeting its offshore wind power target.

Overall, the decline in fossil fuel use and the rise of renewables are positive signs for the UK and EU’s energy transition. However, it is important to remember that there is still work to be done in order to meet future energy demands in a sustainable way.

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