Solar VAT Reduction and Navitas on ITV

Solar VAT Reduction and Navitas on ITV

Solar VAT Reduction and Navitas on ITV

With all the current energy and cost of living increasing, the government removed VAT on all environmental energy solutions - ours being solar, you can see our previous post about it here.

This has meant a lot of energy customers have been looking for more information on how solar can help them take control of their own energy usage.

Not only customers but press…so with a quick Google search ITV had found us online and picked up the phone to see if we would be interested in doing a news spot discussing the VAT reduction on solar. With a slight pause we said ‘of course’ and then had to draw straws as to who would be doing the interview!

Two days later we are all on-site in South Yorkshire at a customer’s install to do a short interview and for the ITV Calendar news team to shoot some B-roll. 

(Copyright ITV News Calendar)

ITV: “Have you seen an increase in the number of people interested in buying energy efficiency measures for their homes since the VAT was scrapped and why?” 

MW: “We have already experienced an increase in volume of enquiries, and yes some of the enquiries were to do with the VAT reduction but with all the energy increase it is a small added bonus to customers”

ITV: “Do you think the VAT scrap is enough to get more people to invest in energy efficiency measures, or do you think more could be done?” 

MW: “The VAT is not the first time we have had such a scheme, previous years have seen grants and feeding tariff but this time with the VAT reduction it is on the energy which is far better for the customer”

ITV: “What difference can some of the energy efficiency measures make when it comes to reducing energy bills?”

MW: “The cost of solar has come down so dramatically in the last few years, that the return on investment is actually paid back in 5 years and with some yields of up to 30% now. It’s never been a better time to invest in solar.”


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