No VAT on Solar

No VAT on Solar

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has just (23/03/2022) announced that the Government will abolish VAT on energy-saving household measures such as solar panels, insulation, and heat pumps over the next five years.

Announcing the measure in his Spring Statement, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said it was “thanks to Brexit” that the changes could be introduced.

Previously, households had to pay five per cent VAT on energy saving materials as long as certain eligibility requirements — set by the EU — were met. In some cases, VAT was charged at a 20 per cent rate.

The VAT slash will mean that a family installing solar panels on their home “will see tax savings worth £1,000 pounds and savings on their energy bill of over £300 per year”, the Chancellor said.

So, we have said it before but there really is ‘no better time to buy solar’ than right now… Invest in Solar -  take control of your energy bills and save money.

We only use the industry’s leading tier one panels ensuring you get the best product for your investment. Smart inverters and battery storage units can provide constant monitoring, giving you fingertip control of your energy.

We can fit Solar solutions anywhere in the country, drop the team a call on 0114 248 4228 or use our completely free, no obligation initial quote by filling in our very quick form! We use your postcode to give you an initial idea of cost and solutions -

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Higher fuel bills with energy prices rising significantly

Higher fuel bills with energy prices rising significantly

In news that will undoubtedly affect the pockets of millions of UK households, it has been announced that the energy price cap has risen as expected (a whopping 54%), and with it will come significant hikes on heating bills.

With the cost of living rising, it’s no surprise that many people will be worried about their heating bills this winter.

Energy prices have risen as expected. The government said it will offer a £350 support package to the majority of households that would otherwise struggle to pay their bills, but the news of rising energy costs will still be difficult for millions of households to swallow.

The regulator Ofgem announced that the ‘average’ bill is set to rise by £350, though individual firms will be able to hike prices by as much as £700

Here’s what energy regulator Ofgem had to say: it’s pretty grim;

“We know this rise will be extremely worrying for many people, especially those who are struggling to make ends meet, and Ofgem will ensure energy companies support their customers in any way they can.

“The energy market has faced a huge challenge due to the unprecedented increase in global gas prices, a once in a 30-year event, and Ofgem’s role as energy regulator is to ensure that, under the price cap, energy companies can only charge a fair price based on the true cost of supplying electricity and gas.”

Right now is a great time to make choices that will save you money on your energy usage, electricity and heating. 

An investment in Solar solutions will not only help reduce energy bills, allow you to become less reliable on energy suppliers, but at the current energy increase of 54%, you will be guaranteeing a quicker return on your initial solar outlay.

We provide a range of complementary renewable energy technologies like; panels, inverters and storage batteries that can help to secure your energy future and allow you to be at the forefront of home energy technology.

Why not give us a call on 0114 248 4228 to discuss the best options for you, or use our free virtual consultation form to get an intal quote - no pushy sales.

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Huge Website Update

Huge Website Update

Welcome to the long awaited Navitas Solar website update - we have been working really hard over the last few months to bring you the new and improved home for all things solar. 

The new website is packed with information, features and even free downloadable tips.

Whether you need solar panels, batteries or a complete solution, we have all the information you need and if it’s not on here we are always on the end of a phone to help you #MakeSenseOfSolar.

For domestic customers please fill in the simple address form and we can send you over a completely free initial quote—no pushy sales just free friendly advice and quote.

If you have a commercial business or project, have a look at our commercial solar section, send us some of your project’s details via the simple form and will call you back to discuss the project further.

And last but not least the news/resource section, we will be using this section to update customers about new products, latest solar developments and even some new projects. So please make sure you check out this feed and our social media channels for all updates.

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