Renewables Hit 30% of Global Power

Renewables Hit 30% of Global Power

Renewables like solar and wind reached a record 30% of worldwide electricity generation in 2023, a “critical turning point” hailed by experts. The growth was driven by China, Brazil and others rapidly deploying wind and solar.

China alone accounted for over half of new solar and 60% of new wind amid continued coal expansion. Former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres said renewables’ falling costs have made fossil fuels “outdated.”

In 20 years, solar and wind soared from 0.2% to over 13% of global power due to improved policies, technologies and decreased costs. Solar prices halved in 2023 amid surging manufacturing.

At COP28, leaders pledged to triple renewable capacity by 2030, backing renewables as key to urgently needed emissions cuts over riskier technologies. Ember suggests global fossil power likely peaked in 2023, meaning total emissions could start falling soon, though not fast enough for climate goals yet.

However, developing nations face challenges financing transitions due to high borrowing costs and lack of investment despite huge renewable potential, especially in Africa. Financing will be a major issue at COP29 in Azerbaijan.


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Photo: Photovoltaic power generation at Xishan Village of Yuanquan Township in Zibo City, east China’s Shandong Province. Photo by Xinhua

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SolarPV System for Sheffield Children’s Hospital

SolarPV System for Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Navitas solar are delighted to announce that we will soon be working on behalf of Sheffield Children’s Hospital to add a SolarPV system to the hospital unit.

As part of the helipad application and approval planning permission to start the build of a vital helipad, we will be donating the complete SolarPV system free of charge as a gesture of goodwill to this facility that takes great pride in our hearts.

The new helipad, approved at Sheffield Children’s Trust Board on 31 January, has been granted planning approval by Sheffield City Council and will make sure children and young people can access emergency care with dignity, as safely and as soon as possible.

The new £6m helipad on the roof of Sheffield Children’s Hospital is thanks to the generosity of the public, charities and local businesses supporting The Children’s Hospital Charity.

We will be starting the install very soon so, expect a few updates as work on this amazing and worthwhile project.


For more information on The Children’s Hospital Charity, please visit their website and for more details on the helipad project click here.

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Fossil Fuels Fall as Renewables Rise

Fossil Fuels Fall as Renewables Rise

There’s been a significant decline in fossil fuel use across the UK and EU in 2023, marking a new era in energy transition. This decline is attributed to two main factors: a rise in renewable energy sources and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The report (European Electricity Review published by thinktank Ember.) highlights that renewable energy sources are playing an increasingly important role in energy production, with wind power surpassing gas for the first time in the EU. The UK also saw record clean power generation in 2023.

These developments are positive steps towards a more sustainable future, but there are still challenges to overcome. For instance, the UK faces challenges in meeting its offshore wind power target.

Overall, the decline in fossil fuel use and the rise of renewables are positive signs for the UK and EU’s energy transition. However, it is important to remember that there is still work to be done in order to meet future energy demands in a sustainable way.

Does your business need a better energy solution? Call the SolarPV Expert team on 0114 248 4228 or fill out one of our contact forms on the site.

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0% VAT on Solar and Battery Storage

0% VAT on Solar and Battery Storage

From the 1st of Febuaury 2024 the government have introduce 0% VAT rate on the installation of new and/or retro-fit Battery energy storage units (BESS) which until now were subject to full VAT unless they were installed at the same time as the SolarPV, so this is a great incentive for those who already have SolarPV fitted and wanted to add battery storage.

The UK must decarbonize 29 million homes to meet its 2050 net zero target. This requires deploying clean energy and efficiency upgrades nationwide. The new VAT reduction should help by making solar panels, batteries, and other upgrades more affordable.

However, batteries still face a disincentive, as they are not on the VAT exemption list. Consumers who cannot afford full retrofits in one go are penalized. Batteries’ tax status should not depend on timing. Solar Energy UK and others have called to add batteries to the VAT exemption list.

To boost uptake of home solar and batteries, Solar Energy UK recommends:

- 0% VAT on all solar, batteries, and related maintenance
- A long-term retrofit support scheme for homeowners, through at least 2030
- Building regulations that incentivize onsite solar and storage

The key is ensuring affordability of the technologies to reach net zero goals. VAT exemptions, robust support schemes, and enabling regulations are crucial steps.

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2023 Year in Review

2023 Year in Review

What an amazing year! We have travelled the length and breadth of the UK from London to Scotland installing over 4 Mega Watts of Solar PV. This is just a quick overview of what our clients have achieved with Navitas Solar Installations in 2023.

It was great to start off the year working with some local businesses and helping them to reduce their carbon footprint whilst driving down their energy costs; companies such as Brocklebank Demolition having 50kWp over two properties and MPE Engineering in Dinnington having 38kWp installed to their offices, moving up to very sizable multi roof systems of 350kWp at Advanced Engineering Techniques for their manufacturing facilities at Holbrook, Sheffield.

As spring arrived, we delivered over half megawatt on behalf of the MMD group at their sustainable mineral processing and recycling facilities in Derby.

Throughout the year we have continued to develop and expand our already large network of long term, valued Main Contractors, delivering a multitude of new build projects from residential developments to large retail projects for clients such as Amazon and the NHS, whilst also providing retro fit projects and maintenance checks to existing sites for companies like Volvo and Starbucks.


Over the summer months we had the pleasure of working around the full bloom of Pennells Garden Centres as we provided a full design and installation service to provide them with an overall total of 375kWp for their sites at Cleethorpes, Sleaford and Lincoln.

We’ve not forgotten our valued domestic customers either, averaging around 2 to 3 installations a week, we’re still Making Sense of Solar for everyone, just as we have been doing since 2009.

With winter’s arrival, we embarked on a major two-phase solar project with global manufacturer Stauff at their UK headquarters in Sheffield; Navitas designed and delivered over 600kWp across two manufacturing facilities in a huge move to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.


So, in 2023 we have installed over 4 Mega Watts of Solar PV that will generate 76,500,000 kWh over a 25 year life cycle, that’s an astonishing 10,000 solar panels, which is the equivalent to planting 97,459 trees or taking 4,061 cars off the road and reducing 16,243 tonnes of CO2 emissions, this is an amazing achievement by all the Navitas Solar team and our customers.

With the drive to lower carbon emissions by 2023 we are trying to help our clients to do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint and become netzero.

Just some amazing words from a few of our clients;

“I chose Navitas after a lot of research on solar companies. They stood out from the crowd as a very professional business, and I wasn’t disappointed! Excellent company, their service, products, and personnel are really really good. I would certainly recommend this company to any householder thinking of having solar panels and batteries. Thank you Navitas for such a fab job”
Clive Byrne

“Great, honest local business - highly recommended - The team at Navitas have been great from start to finish, from responding promptly to my initial enquiry, through to quotation/survey and finally PV installation. They have been open and clear with me on all communication throughout the process and the install team on the day were polite and courteous, a credit to the business. Thanks guys!
Alex Emmett

We would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, we look forward to seeing you in 2024. We will be closed for the Christmas break from Friday the 22nd December and return on Monday 8th of January 2024.

*Assumes generation 85% generation and 90% consumed 76, ^Assumes 6 Mature Trees per tonne of COZe, “Assumes 2500 miles per tCO2e and 10,000 miles driven per annum per car, ~Based on £0.30p per kWh, Calculations above based 25 year life of PV System

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Pennells Garden Centres: A Legacy of Quality and Sustainability

Pennells Garden Centres: A Legacy of Quality and Sustainability

With over 240 years of horticultural excellence, Lincoln-based Pennells Garden Centres has earned its reputation as one of the nation’s premier destinations for all things botanical. As a family-owned business since 1780, they pair generations of expertise with a passion for environmental stewardship.

Furthering their commitment to sustainability, Pennells recently installed three major solar PV systems across their Yorkshire and Lincolnshire locations. Their new 375kWp solar capacity - consisting of 972 high-efficiency Solar PV panels - will significantly reduce Pennells’ carbon footprint and energy consumption.

The three locations featuring new solar energy installations are:

Cleethorpes: A 90kWp system with 240 Canadian Solar 375w panels across a trapezoid roof.

Sleaford: A 98.28kWp system with 252 JA Solar 390w panels atop a pantile roof.

Lincoln: The largest system at 187.2kWp, with 480 JA Solar 390w panels distributed across multiple roof planes.


With their new solar PV systems, Pennells Garden Centres continues their 240-year journey focused on quality, customer service and environmental responsibility. They proudly display their commitment to sustainability with plaques celebrating their progress towards net zero carbon emissions. As one of Britain’s most enduring family plant nurseries, Pennells looks forward to another 200+ years serving communities across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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MMD: Leading the Way in Sustainable Energy

MMD: Leading the Way in Sustainable Energy

At MMD, they take great pride in being a world leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of mineral processing solutions and machinery. With their unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, they are constantly striving to find new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

One of their most recent achievements in sustainability is the installation of a cutting-edge solar power system at our facilities. This system boasts an impressive overall size of 548kWp and consists of 1462 panels, 10 inverters, and a G100 export limitation relay.

Maximising Energy Production

The primary goal of this solar power system is to provide MMD with a reliable and renewable source of electricity. Based on our preliminary estimates, the system is expected to produce over 430,000 units of electricity each year. This means that the system has the capacity to meet over 65% of MMD’s electricity usage solely from solar energy.

Embracing Sustainability in the Mining, Quarrying, and Recycling Industries

As a company deeply entrenched in the mining, quarrying, and recycling industries, MMD understands the environmental challenges associated with these sectors. By investing in sustainable initiatives like our solar power system, they are actively reducing their reliance on non-renewable energy sources and minimising their impact on the planet.

A Brighter Future Ahead

Our commitment to sustainability extends far beyond just this solar power system. We are continually exploring new technologies, processes, and solutions that will allow us to operate in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

In conclusion, MMD’s investment in a state-of-the-art solar power system is a testament to their dedication to sustainability and determination to make a lasting positive impact on the planet. By harnessing the power of the sun, they are reducing their carbon footprint, maximising energy production, and setting the standard for environmentally-conscious practices in their industries.

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Tesla Powerwall Back in Stock

Tesla Powerwall Back in Stock

We are reopening our order book for Tesla powerwalls, following a lengthy period of short supply due to high demand, we are delighted to now have stock visibility for eligible customers (subject to survey and DNO approval) wishing to secure a place on our system.

The Tesla Powerwall is a cutting-edge home battery system developed by Tesla, Inc., the renowned electric vehicle and clean energy company. Designed as an integral component of Tesla’s vision for a sustainable future, the Powerwall aims to revolutionise the way we store and utilise energy in our homes.

The Powerwall is a sleek and compact lithium-ion battery pack that can be mounted on a wall, either indoors or outdoors, providing a reliable and efficient energy storage solution. Its primary purpose is to store excess electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar panels or wind turbines, allowing homeowners to use that stored energy when the renewable sources are not producing enough power, such as during the nighttime or during a power outage.

Here are some key features and benefits of the Tesla Powerwall:

1. Energy Storage Capacity: The Powerwall comes with a sizable energy storage capacity, typically around 13.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh). This capacity enables it to store a significant amount of energy for use when needed.

2. Power Backup: In the event of a power outage, the Powerwall can automatically detect the disruption and seamlessly switch to providing backup power, ensuring that critical appliances and systems in your home continue to operate. This feature provides peace of mind, particularly in areas with unreliable or unstable power grids.
3. Time-Based Control: The Powerwall is equipped with time-based control, allowing users to optimise their energy consumption. It can be programmed to charge during periods of low electricity demand and discharge when energy costs are higher, thus helping homeowners reduce their reliance on the grid and potentially save money on their energy bills.
4. Renewable Integration: With its ability to store surplus energy generated from renewable sources, the Powerwall helps homeowners maximise their self-consumption of clean energy. This feature promotes sustainability by reducing reliance on fossil fuel-based power and increasing the overall efficiency of renewable energy systems.
5. Mobile App Integration: Tesla provides a user-friendly mobile app that enables homeowners to monitor and control their Powerwall system remotely. Through the app, users can view real-time energy usage, track energy flows, and even customise their energy settings according to their specific needs.
6. Expandable System: For those with higher energy demands or larger properties, multiple Powerwall units can be installed together to create a more extensive energy storage system. This expandability allows homeowners to scale up their storage capacity as needed.

Our team of experts are proud to be accredited Tesla Powerwall installers, bringing you the latest in cutting-edge energy storage technology. With a Tesla Powerwall installed by Navitas Solar, you can harness the power of the sun to keep your home running smoothly, even during power outages.

Speak to one of the team about solar battery solutions and how they can be added to an existing PV system or a completely new one. No pushy sales pitch, either fill out the form or call on 0114 248 4228

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100% Renewable Dream

100% Renewable Dream

Spain Made the 100% Renewable Dream a Reality for 9 Hours

On Tuesday, May 17, 2023, Spain generated enough electricity from renewable sources to meet its entire demand for nine hours. This was a historic moment for the country, and it shows the potential of renewable energy to power our future.

The nine hours of 100% renewable energy were made possible by a combination of factors, including a sunny day and strong winds. However, the real story is the country’s investment in renewable energy over the past few years. Spain has installed a massive amount of solar and wind power, and it is now one of the leading producers of renewable energy in Europe.

The success of Spain’s renewable energy program is a sign of things to come. As the world transitions to a clean energy future, renewable energy will become increasingly important. Spain has shown that it is possible to power a modern economy with renewable energy, and other countries are following suit.

The nine hours of 100% renewable energy in Spain is a milestone on the road to a clean energy future. It is a reminder that renewable energy is not just a dream, but a reality that is within our reach.

By 2030, Spain will have three fewer nuclear reactors and it turns out that renewables are solving the problem on their own,” says Pedro Fresco, former director of Energy Transition in the Valencia region. Not only is nuclear power contributing less but Spain’s waterfalls, another of the country’s biggest sources of electricity, are being severely hit by the drought, which is reducing productive capacity in many areas. “It is true that it is a one-off, and at a time of very good solar and wind production, but with very little water and with hydroelectric power at a technical minimum… even so, we are covering 100%. Where will we be in three years, when we will have between 10 and 15 gigawatts more of photovoltaic and another five of wind? There is a huge window of opportunity for hydrogen and electric cars, especially in the central hours of the day,” adds Fresco. “But we need strategies to take advantage of it.

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High energy bills are here to stay

High energy bills are here to stay

The boss of Norwegian energy giant Equinor has said he does not expect gas and electricity bills to return to the levels they were before Covid.

Anders Opedal told the BBC this was down to the costs of moving from fossil fuels to less damaging energy sources. He said also that windfall taxes on energy firms were affecting investment in projects in the UK. Equinor, like many other energy companies, has reported record profits because of higher gas prices.

The firm, which makes most of its money producing oil and gas, is one of Europe’s biggest energy companies, with operations in 36 countries around the world including the UK. In its most recent financial results, it reported pre-tax profits of $24.3bn (£19.8bn) between July and September compared to $9.7bn in the same period the year before.

Wholesale prices rose as Covid restrictions began to ease but soared higher after Russia invaded Ukraine and countries targeted the Kremlin with sanctions. In recent weeks, in part due to warmer than usual weather across Europe, gas prices have returned to where they were before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, gas and electricity bills for households and businesses remain elevated and are squeezing living costs for many.

Mr Opedal said it was doubtful that gas and electricity bills would return to a time when the typical UK household was paying around £1,300 a year. The typical annual bill for homes is currently around £2,500 which includes help from the UK government.

There is “a kind of re-wiring of the whole energy system in Europe particularly after the gas from Russia was taken away”, Mr Opedal said, adding that huge investment in renewables was needed, including using more hydrogen for example.

“This will require a lot of investment and these investments need to be paid for, so I would assume that the energy bills may slightly be higher than in the past but not as volatile and high as we have today.”

Looking ahead, Mr Opedal said “we need to treat energy as something that is not abundant”.

“I think we have had a lot of cheaper energy in the past and we probably wasted some of it, so we need to make sure we’re making the right investments now [and] everyone [should] use as little energy as possible.”

Mr Opedal spoke to the BBC before attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland which is an annual gathering of political and business leaders. The theme of this year’s meeting, which takes place from 16-20 January, is “Cooperation in a fragmented world”.

Mr Opedal took over as chief executive and president of Equinor in November 2020 with a pledge to be “a force” in the shift to green energy. He started his career as a petroleum engineer.

Last year, the UK introduced a windfall tax on energy companies that have benefitted from the spike in prices.

Initially 25%, the so-called Energy Profits Levy will rise to 35% in January and remain in place until March 2028.

The tax applies to profits made from extracting UK oil and gas, but not from other activities such as refining oil and selling petrol and diesel on forecourts.

The scheme also lets firms claim tax savings worth 91p of every £1 invested in fossil fuel extraction in the UK.

Mr Opedal said that while the tax had not impacted Equinor’s investment strategy in the UK: “It is affecting how we judge each project because we have to take into account what is the tax level compared to what are all the other risks.”

He cited the Rosebank oilfield off the coast of Shetland which Equinor is seeking to develop, pending government approval.

Equinor says the field could produce almost 70,000 barrels of oil a day at its peak, accounting for 8% of the UK’s total oil production between 2026 and 2030.

However, environmental campaigners have described the plans as a “total betrayal” of the UK’s climate goals.

Mr Opedal said: “There have been two changes in the tax regime already and we’re thinking about will it even be more going forward? Rosebank is a project that we think is needed in the UK in terms of energy security.”

He added: “Uncertainty about what will the tax level be will be an important part of the decision [to go ahead] because, for instance, now on some of the fields we have invested in we are still not profitable but pay tax already based on the windfall taxes. So this is how we kind of evaluate every project.”

Equinor’s Norwegian operations account for around two thirds of its oil and gas business. The rest of its oil and gas business is spread across 30 countries, with two of its largest operations the Peregrino field in Brazil and the Mariner field off Shetland, which started production in 2019.

The firm also has investments in off-shore wind power. It recently announced plans with Germany’s RWE to develop hydrogen-ready power plants.

The plants will run on gas initially but will eventually be able to transfer to using hydrogen generated by renewable energy.

Right now is a great time to make choices that will save you money on your energy usage, electricity and heating.

An investment in Solar solutions will not only help reduce energy bills, but will allow you to become less reliable on energy suppliers, but at the current energy increase of 54%, you will be guaranteeing a quicker return on your initial solar outlay.

We provide a range of complementary renewable energy technologies like; panels, inverters and storage batteries that can help to secure your energy future and allow you to be at the forefront of home energy technology.

Why not give us a call on 0114 248 4228 to discuss the best options for you, or use our free virtual consultation form to get an intal quote - no pushy sales.

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Save trillions? Switching to renewable energy could achive this

Save trillions? Switching to renewable energy could achive this

A new report from Oxford University says switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources could save the world as much as $12tn by 2050. The report said that it was too pessimistic to claim that moving quickly towards cleaner energy sources was expensive.

Rising gas prices have been a concern for some time now. But the researchers say that going green now makes economic sense because of the falling cost of renewables.

Even if you’re a climate denier, you should be on board with what we’re advocating,” Prof Doyne Farmer from the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School told BBC News.

Our central conclusion is that we should go full speed ahead with the green energy transition because it’s going to save us money,” he said.

- Will new government stick to climate targets?
- PM will explore energy market reform to cut bills
- What is climate change? A really simple guide

The report’s findings are based on an analysis of historic price data for renewables and fossil fuels, which then led researchers to model how these two sources of energy are likely to change in the future.

The data for fossil fuels goes back more than 100 years, and after accounting for inflation, and market volatility, the price hasn’t changed much.

Renewable energy has been around for just a few decades, so there’s less data. However, technological improvements have resulted in rapid cost reductions for solar and wind power—a rate of about 10% per year.

The report’s expectation that the price of renewables will continue to fall is based on data showing that massive investment and economies of scale have made other similar technologies cheaper.

Our latest research shows scaling-up key green technologies will continue to drive their costs down, and the faster we go, the more we will save,” says Dr Rupert Way, from the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.

Wind and solar power are already the cheapest forms of new electricity generation, but the challenge is figuring out how to store that power and balance the grid when there are sudden changes in weather conditions.

Cost of net zero

Back in 2019 Philip Hammond, then Chancellor of the Exchequer wrote to the prime minister to saythat reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 would cost more than £1tn, but a new report contends that this estimate is too high and has discouraged investment in low-carbon technologies.

It also says predictions by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that the cost of keeping global temperatures rises under 2 degrees would correspond to a loss of GDP by 2050 were too pessimistic. The transition to renewables was, it says, likely to turn out to be a “net economic benefit”.

The research has been published in the journal Joule and is a collaboration between the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School, the Oxford Martin Programme on the Post-Carbon Transition, the Smith School of Enterprise & Environment at the University of Oxford, and SoDa Labs at Monash University.


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Support the Air Ambulance Service

Support the Air Ambulance Service

We are delighted to support the Air Ambulance service with a corporate monthly contribution - Social responsibility is a big part of the principles at Navitas and we feel that the work of the Air Ambulance - Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire - deserves our help as well as some promotion for all their extraordinary and unparalleled work.

The Air Ambulance Service flies across the counties of Warwickshire & Northamptonshire, and Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, covering 3,850 square miles. Reaching a medical emergency in rapid time can be the difference between life and death. That’s where your local Air Ambulance comes in.

Find out more about the work the amazing work the Air Ambulance service does here: and if you can, please make a donation to this worthy cause use the link below:

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No VAT on Solar

No VAT on Solar

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has just (23/03/2022) announced that the Government will abolish VAT on energy-saving household measures such as solar panels, insulation, and heat pumps over the next five years.

Announcing the measure in his Spring Statement, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said it was “thanks to Brexit” that the changes could be introduced.

Previously, households had to pay five per cent VAT on energy saving materials as long as certain eligibility requirements — set by the EU — were met. In some cases, VAT was charged at a 20 per cent rate.

The VAT slash will mean that a family installing solar panels on their home “will see tax savings worth £1,000 pounds and savings on their energy bill of over £300 per year”, the Chancellor said.

So, we have said it before but there really is ‘no better time to buy solar’ than right now… Invest in Solar -  take control of your energy bills and save money.

We only use the industry’s leading tier one panels ensuring you get the best product for your investment. Smart inverters and battery storage units can provide constant monitoring, giving you fingertip control of your energy.

We can fit Solar solutions anywhere in the country, drop the team a call on 0114 248 4228 or use our completely free, no obligation initial quote by filling in our very quick form! We use your postcode to give you an initial idea of cost and solutions -

Let us make sense of solar for you.

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Higher fuel bills with energy prices rising significantly

Higher fuel bills with energy prices rising significantly

In news that will undoubtedly affect the pockets of millions of UK households, it has been announced that the energy price cap has risen as expected (a whopping 54%), and with it will come significant hikes on heating bills.

With the cost of living rising, it’s no surprise that many people will be worried about their heating bills this winter.

Energy prices have risen as expected. The government said it will offer a £350 support package to the majority of households that would otherwise struggle to pay their bills, but the news of rising energy costs will still be difficult for millions of households to swallow.

The regulator Ofgem announced that the ‘average’ bill is set to rise by £350, though individual firms will be able to hike prices by as much as £700

Here’s what energy regulator Ofgem had to say: it’s pretty grim;

“We know this rise will be extremely worrying for many people, especially those who are struggling to make ends meet, and Ofgem will ensure energy companies support their customers in any way they can.

“The energy market has faced a huge challenge due to the unprecedented increase in global gas prices, a once in a 30-year event, and Ofgem’s role as energy regulator is to ensure that, under the price cap, energy companies can only charge a fair price based on the true cost of supplying electricity and gas.”

Right now is a great time to make choices that will save you money on your energy usage, electricity and heating. 

An investment in Solar solutions will not only help reduce energy bills, allow you to become less reliable on energy suppliers, but at the current energy increase of 54%, you will be guaranteeing a quicker return on your initial solar outlay.

We provide a range of complementary renewable energy technologies like; panels, inverters and storage batteries that can help to secure your energy future and allow you to be at the forefront of home energy technology.

Why not give us a call on 0114 248 4228 to discuss the best options for you, or use our free virtual consultation form to get an intal quote - no pushy sales.

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Huge Website Update

Huge Website Update

Welcome to the long awaited Navitas Solar website update - we have been working really hard over the last few months to bring you the new and improved home for all things solar. 

The new website is packed with information, features and even free downloadable tips.

Whether you need solar panels, batteries or a complete solution, we have all the information you need and if it’s not on here we are always on the end of a phone to help you #MakeSenseOfSolar.

For domestic customers please fill in the simple address form and we can send you over a completely free initial quote—no pushy sales just free friendly advice and quote.

If you have a commercial business or project, have a look at our commercial solar section, send us some of your project’s details via the simple form and will call you back to discuss the project further.

And last but not least the news/resource section, we will be using this section to update customers about new products, latest solar developments and even some new projects. So please make sure you check out this feed and our social media channels for all updates.

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